Newsletter November 2012
3,000,000th transaction on Atos Worldline's secure IVR system
On 15th September, Atos Worldline processed the 3,000,000th transaction on its secure IVR system, which has been PCI/DSS certified for three years. In 2009, the company won an Oscar of innovative payments during the Pay Forum trade show for "Sips Payment IVR", its innovative solution for making payments through a voice interface. separation


This solution for paying through a voice interface now enables dozens of merchants to accept payments on a new channel or to secure an existing one.


Atos Worldline's "Sips Payment IVR" solution enables merchants to free themselves from the security requirements in their call centres, and which pertain to the processing of payment card numbers. 


The solution covers two situations :


» when a merchant already has an IVR server or a department of agents, they can transfer customers' calls to Atos Worldline's secure Sips IVR system to make the payments and thus avoid the entry of card number by an operator, or the entry of card numbers in an insecure merchant environment. This solution also agents' intervention times as they no longer have to handle the payment phase.


» when a merchant wants to launch a new payment channel if they do not have any existing infrastructure. They then benefit from a dedicated phone number that enables their customers to pay bills.


The structure of this payment IVR system has been designed with the help of ergonomists to provide a customer path guaranteeing the same rate of successful transactions as that of a customer path involving an agent.


Thanks to this PCI/DSS certified solution, the merchant provides their customers with a payment solution that complies with the requirements imposed by Visa and Mastercard.

Sips e-payment solution begins to be used by merchants in India.


After Atos Worldline acquired Venture Infotek in 2009, one of the leaders in the field of payment in India, the Sips e-payment solution begins to be used by local e-merchants. Over 100 merchants will be operational by the end of the year. Given the growth of local e-commerce, development prospects are enormous.

  There are 125 million e-uyers in India, which is the second most populated country in the world. This represents a growth of over 40% per year. While there are still natural hindrances to the development of e-commerce (Internet access, logistics, regulation, trust), the estimated worth of this market in 2012 is 8 billion Euros, which represents a yearly growth of 47%. For now,  the most profitable sectors are the travel industry, retail sales and financial services.


Since the Sips e-payment solution is connected to JDBI, J&K Bank and PNG acquirers, it now covers the main Indian banks.


The acceptance of Net Banking, an online transfer solution that represents 35% of local payments, is essential and is thus part of the available payment methods, along with international cards. Net Banking transfers enable a buyer to make instantaneous transfers between their bank and the merchant's, among the 50 banks connected to the network.


In 2013, Sips should process 10 million transactions in India with growth prospects reaching over 50%.

Sips e-payment solution : complete personalisation of payment pages


The Sips e-payment now enables merchants to completely customize their payment pages by including dynamic data into them (basket summary, up-selling, etc.) without having to process or store buyers' card numbers.


This solution facilitates the PCI/DSS certification of merchants who can keep their graphic charters throughout the customer path. Thanks to Atos Worldline's e-payment solution, the merchant provides the final customer with an uninterrupted purchase path, and Atos Worldline fully handles the sensitive data.


All the entities likely to know sensitive data (card numbers) have to comply with the PCI/DSS standard. Therefore, the merchants who have not outsourced the display of payment pages to their providers have to take the required measures for fear of penalties from card issuer networks.


Also, to help merchants, the Sips solution offers them to either :

» opt for pages hosted on the Sips servers. The payment pages can be fully personalised using the merchant's graphic charter. The advantage of this solution is that it is fully PCI/DSS certified for the merchant.


» to keep the payment pages and submit the results directly to the Sips servers. This way, the sensitivedata will no longer pass through the merchant's server; however, the merchant will have to make sure that no malicious program can access the payment page. This solution aims to facilitate the PCI/DSS certification of the merchant.


This solution has many advantages for the merchant :

» the payment process remains on their site

» they can provide one-click payment as well as personalised up-selling or cross-selling

» the payment receipt is also displayed by the merchant 

» the sensitive data are kept in the Sips secure safe

» this avoids URL changes on the buyer's side